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Our Company, MPAC Heating and Air Conditioning, has been servicing the community with top quality air conditioning and heating installation, repair and maintenance for the past 25 years.

With that in mind, our staff has seen every struggle and triumph that locals have experienced when pursuing the best solution for their cooling and heating needs, including equipment and HVAC services in San Diego.

Our technicians are continuously trained with all the latest trends regarding air conditioning and heating equipment in order to render excellent services for air conditioning and heating repair or installation. Whether it’s a residential or a commercial area, our technicians are able to address your concerns.

Residential Heating and Air Conditioning Services

When it comes to indoor temperature and climate control, whether it’s cooling or heating for commercial or residential properties, we are the one to call. Our services are guaranteed! Here’s what we offer:

  • Air conditioning and heating installation
  • Air conditioning and heating repair and replacement
  • Maintenance service for all your heating and air conditioning equipment
  • HVAC service which includes repair, installation and replacement
  • Air quality indoor services
  • Geothermal replacement, repair or installation
  • Furnace and heat pumps repair or installation

Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Aside from providing you an outstanding HVAC services in San Diego for residential areas, our air conditioning and heating company is also capable of servicing commercial properties, including hotels, restaurants, shops and stores, among others.

Servicing commercial areas like office buildings, churches, medical facilities, manufacturing plants, financial institutions, schools, retail shops and other commercial places, is done almost exactly the same way as in residential communities.

With all the services that we provide, you can be sure that our utmost professional personnel will be there for you. We guarantee that if your operation is around the clock, we will be right there with you.

Your clients’ as well as your employees’ comfort is our main goal and by providing them with ABSOLUTE QUALITY INDOOR AIR, we achieve that goal. Just as we ensure your family’s comfort, we ensure to keep your business on the same path of success.

Get in Touch with the Pros in Indoor Air Quality And Temperature Control!

If you need emergency cooling and heating services, you need not search any longer! You have found the one-stop shop for all your air conditioning and heating systems needs—repair, tune up or installation. Get our guaranteed services and be ready to experience the big difference we offer.

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