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Point Loma Air Conditioning

For air conditioning repair, heating systems, installation and tune up in Point Loma, there is only one company to call—MPAC. We have been here since 1987 providing guaranteed and on time AC service to commercial and residential property owners looking to get the best deals on air conditioning services.

MPAC is your one-stop air conditioning company that services all major brands. Our technicians are well versed in handling all types of issues, including faulty electrical wiring, clogged drains and broken AC parts, among others. When you called us for an AC repair, we will deploy the best technicians to handle the problem and solve it right away. We work by first diagnosing the cause of the issue by conducting needed unit test to find out the best solutions for it.

We are here to perform necessary commercial and residential air conditioning repair, tune up or installation for your peace of mind. With us, no guesswork is welcome. We can save your effort, money and time because we ensure that work is executed with 100% efficiency and precision to bring back normal indoor temperature in your home or office.

MPAC works on the weekends, holidays and late nights for an emergency air conditioning repair. Do not hesitate in getting in touch with us anytime of the day. We can service heating systems and give you solution within the same day. Our friendly and reliable customer supports are experts in all types of cooling and heating systems; they can answer all your questions on the spot. Without any hesitations, we will solve your problem from the time you called.

Aside from an air conditioning estimate, we can also offer financing options, saving you money by spreading your payment in months. This applies to all our commercial and residential customers in Point Loma. We can present you financing solutions to choose from and can help you decide, too.

MPAC offers emergency air conditioning repair to bring back your home’s normal indoor temperature. We can restore the cooling efficiency of your AC unit. With us, no job is too small to do, but we take all types of tune up, repair and installation with professionalism and efficiency.

To schedule a checkup or inspection appointment with one of MPAC’s highly skilled AC technician, get in touch with us anytime. Our customer support is always on standby for your concerns and questions.

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